Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wellness Wednesday!

I've decided to devote Wednesdays to some sort of focus on health and well being, hence the title Wellness Wednesday. This week, my focus is on my medicine cabinet. Just a few years ago, my cabinet would have been jam-packed full of various aspirins, ibuprofens, antibiotics (my dad is a doctor), nasal sprays (Afrin was my favorite), and a variety of random other things. Well, last night I was searching through my cabinet and here's what I pulled out:
Turns out they are hard to read!! So, I'll start from the back row, left to right:

Catnip for Kids: This is an alcohol-free supplement that helps to promote calmness and rest in kids. In adults, it helps us to turn off our brains- like flipping a switch, but tastes a lot like booze to me. I was happy to find the alcohol-free for my 2 year old.

SambuGuard: An immunity booster with elderberry to help kids fight off whatever they have. It's nice and sweet so most children don't mind taking it. My child knew it was going to help her, so she refused it! :)

Just Once Prenatal: This is for me! I love Rainbow Light products. I would generally be of the assumption that prenatals are not necessary as long as one's diet is excellent. And while I have a decent diet, I do not have the budget to purchase chemical free, high quality local fresh food all the time. So, I supplement with the prenatals.

Fish Oil: After my first pregnancy, around 8 months I developed a mild case of postpartum depression. I didn't want to go anywhere, I was constantly terrified that something was going to happen to me or my baby, and I was having trouble communicating with my husband. After a few weeks, I realized that all this wasn't normal and started looking online for some helpful resources to combat the ppd. I found that the omega-3s in fish oil help postively effect seratonin levels. Two weeks after my new routine of fish oil and I was feeling like my old self again... and not my self before kids. My old, old self- before the seeds of self consciousness and self doubt and crept in. I've since stayed the course with fish oil. I stopped taking it about 4 weeks before my second daughter was born (some say the oil makes the blood slippery, perhaps increasing the risk of postpartum hemorrhage) and began immediately afterward. I can honestly say this is the clearest and most focused I have been in my adult life.

Garlic: I love garlic!! I take 500-1000 mg every day when I'm well, and many many more when I am sick. Garlic has antibiotic and antibacterial effects and is a natural healer. Even mainstream medicine is starting to see the medicinal benefits of garlic.

Vitamin C: I take Vitamin C when I am starting to get sick, too along with the garlic. I read somewhere that if the medical establishment confessed to how potent and beneficial vitamin C was, many would lose their jobs!! So, I am always stocking up on the C. It is a natural antioxidant and also helps to boost the immune system.

Vitamin D3: I take 2000IU (the "upper limit") of this vitamin every day. Recent studies have shown that we need approximately 10,000IU of this vitamin weekly. And it has been shown to have impressive benefits against diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and others. I will continue to take this vitamin!!!

Calcium/Magnesium/Potassium: I originally started taking a cal/mag supplement when I was pregnant and having some annoying Braxton Hicks contractions- very regularly and keeping me up all night. More recently, I began having some PVCs (premature ventricular complexes) - basically my heart would skip a beat and then have to overwork to get it back on track. I talked to my dad and he recommended a cal/mag supplement. After 3 weeks, I had no more PVCs and have found that not only did it make the PVCs go away, it let me sleep better (I take only 1 supplement each day at nighttime), and it improved my mood, too!!

Echinacea: I take this if I start to feel a cold coming on. I read that overuse of echinacea actually reduces its potency, so I usually use it only for 5 days.

Front Row:

Garlic Ear Drops: Because little kids normally don't swallow pills, this garlic ear drop does the same as the supplement that I take... but it is for the little ones!

Pulsatilla: I love this homeopathic. It helps to dry up runny noses and according to homeopathy resources will help weepy, clingy children. I haven't tried it for that purpose, but know it dries up a runny nose quickly! Don't take it if you are nursing, though!! It can dry up your milk, too...

Similason Earache Relief: We are big on not taking antibiotics, so when my 2 year old started complaining of an earache, we started with this. I don't know if I noticed any immediate relief, but after 2 days, the earache was resolved... but the cold continued for another 5 days.

Valerian: This is a supplement I give to my toddler when she is having trouble resting. It, like catnip, helps to promote calmness and helps her to fall asleep. We don't use it often, but I think it works really well when we do use it.

Silver: This is a great immunity booster, as well. I've used it and have also given it to my toddler during this last illness. It doesn't taste like anything, but I felt like we would greatly benefit from anything that would boost our immune systems!!

So, what do you have in YOUR medicine cabinet?? What can you not live without??

**A quick disclaimer. I am not a doctor or a naturopath or anything. I am just a mom. I have gotten many of these supplements after speaking with my father, researching on the internet, speaking with my friend and midwife, and reading in books. Before you ingest ANYTHING (or treat your children) you should do adequate research to know the benefits as well as the risks. Use common sense!!

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