Thursday, August 6, 2009

Breastfeeding Awareness Week- Petunia

I LOVE nursing my babies. There is nothing sweeter in my whole realm of understanding than being the sole provider of nourishment for my child. As we check her weight and see how tall she grows, I am proud to be responsible for that progress. But it isn't all roses all the time. My favorite nursing age has passed and now I have a bit of a rambunctious pre-toddler on my hands. She is much too busy checking out what Piggy is doing to pay attention to nursing, and therefore I get the raw end of the deal too often.

Petunia is a severe pincher, but she operates in stealth mode- gently rubbing the backs of my arms with her sweet fingers and going in for the kill after gaining my confidence. Her little pincher fingers are so strong that they bruise the backs of my arms making me look like a victim of domestic violence, causing me to defend my husband to all those who ask in horror what happened to them. It wouldn't be so bad, but that is the skin that is so soft and tender, shielded from the sun and elements as it snuggles closely to your body all day long. eeeek.And then Petunia is a jumper. She LOVES to be in her Jumperoo and I am convinced it is one of the best baby inventions on the planet. But it has convinced her little baby brain that jumping is her passion, and she chooses to jump at some inopportune times. A few days ago, she sat up in my lap, stood to her feet, grabbed tightly onto the straps of my tanktop, and began hopping up and down- all while latched on to me!!! It was quite a sight and I was laughing too hard to scold her, but thinking at the same time what this was doing to my poor breasts... let's just say, they aren't what they used to be... I don't have a picture of that, though. I'll leave it up to your imagination. :o)All in all, I anticipate nursing Petunia for a looooong time. Maybe until she's three. Maybe until she's five. But you won't know because I won't be broadcasting that information. It's just such a sweet time of loving and bonding and nourishment. Plus, I get to burn 500 calories each day just sitting there and holding my baby... a definite perk in my book. :)

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  1. Those bruises are no joke! That's hilarious, I've never seen a baby do that before! Oh, and we do "gymnastics" while nursing over here too. Funny!