Saturday, August 1, 2009

A New Resolution- Vegetarian August

Todd and I have dabbled in vegetarianism many times in the past. He has a mild meat allergy and during my second pregnancy, I was horrendously nauseated at the thought of eating any meat product. I have a great friend who prepares solely vegetarian meals and often passes those recipes to me. I have made a new resolution for the month of August. I will not eat any takeout or meat this month. And I will engage in some form of physical exercise each day.

What has prompted me to go to such "extremes", you ask? Well, I have had some form of fast food every week for the last few months and not only do I feel fat and sluggish, but I just don't feel great. I've been having trouble sleeping and my self esteem is in the tubes. So, today, Todd and I took Piggy and Petunia to the local farmer's market where we loaded up on all sorts of fresh fruits and veggies. We found a delightful local farmer named Daniel, who couldn't be much older than us, and he has been farming for 11 years!! We loaded up on peppers, Japanese eggplants, okra, fresh basil, and rainbow chard. Then we meandered around and picked up some potatoes and fresh peaches. We will add those to our own homegrown squash, corn, green beans, blueberries, and tomatoes plus dried beans and rice to create healthy vegetarian meals each day.

I will share great recipes with you and chart my progress. If you want to get involved in a fun weight loss challenge (it may be too late to participate officially, but you can see), you can check out Samantha's Body After Baby Challenge over at Mama Notes. I anticipate losing weight, though it is not my primary goal. I would love to feel better, sleep better, have more energy, and take care of this vessel that God has given to me!!

So, as the saying goes, Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Here goes nothing!!!

A few starting stats:

weight-142 lbs
body fat- 26.2
hips- 41 inches
waist- 31 inches
thighs- 24 inches (each!! for those of you who are mathematically challenged, that is 4 feet of thigh!)
arms- 12 inches

Each Saturday, I'll be logging the progress. If I'm not too chicken, I'll post a before and after picture. But that is a huge IF!!

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  1. I guess this means no Korean food for us this month, either. LOL

    Good luck to you. I <3 meat and will not participate. But I will eat more veggies. Starting today with the MONSTER zuch I was gifted at our farmer's market :-D